Our Story

Our founders, Alex and Laura Mershon, have always been inside the sports and fitness industry. Laura competed in her first women's physique show this year and Alex was training in a more traditional "Bro Split". One thing that became obvious to them was how little these fitness brands actually cared for their customers. So they took the leap in December of 2015 and registered what is now WeArePR Clothing, little did they know the journey they were embarking on. 
The theme for this year was action! Action from dialing diet in a little more on Alex's side to executing on having the very first launch of WeArePR. This was also a challenging time for Laura as she had to learn how to bounce back after her show, how to actually enjoy lifting and eating when it wasn't so 100% focused on the way a judge would see you. It was definitely a challenging time for the young couple but these lessons learned set them up for the next year. 
Things were really starting to roll this year from a business and fitness standpoint. From a business standpoint, the company switched from sporadic releases to a more structured every month release, pumping out new designs every month. This was also the year Alex fell in love with a new style of training, powerlifting. The very first meet he competed in was at 148lbs and totaled 845lbs with a 275 squat, 210 bench, and 360 deadlift. 
This was the year of growth and going head down 100% into the business. Alex started working full-time for the clothing line and only focused on the growth of the brand. That means a lot of things fell away including his drive for powerlifting as well as time for family and friends. This showed the most when he tried to compete in a powerlifting meet and bombed out (powerlifting lingo for getting disqualified for not completing a regulation squat). This was a challenging time for the young family and led to some dark days, however the day is darkest just before the dawn. 
The year of the reset, a reset to find a better work/life balance, a reset to fall in love with training again and a reset to just enjoy life. Step one of this reset was to get Alex and Laura back to training together, something that fell off in 2018. Step two was reduce the schedule of releases from monthly to seasonally. Alex competed in a powerlifting meet in late 2019 and set PR's across the board at 148lbs. He totaled 905lbs with a 315 squat, 215 bench, and 375 deadlift. The team refocused on their passion of creating something amazing and put an emphasis on powerlifting/working out. The year of resetting was just what the WeArePR squad needed.
2020 is off to a start that no one saw coming with COVID-19 closing down most public places as well as gyms. However, instead of waiting and wondering how to train, Alex and Laura decided now would be the best time to train for a half-marathon since all the training could be down outside!