Our Story


The idea of WeRPR Clothing is born & a screen printing press is purchased by founders Alex & Laura Mershon. 

Zero previous experience running a brand, anything business related, or knowledge of how to screen print....


We have our very first launch that sports only tees, not the greatest, but it was our start! Later this year we also launch light weight crew neck pullovers. 

Business is going very slow & we wayyyyy overproduced on tees


This year we had enough capital to start doing more releases, we had one every three months in 2017. 

During this time we also invested heavily in equipment & space as well as added our first two team members.

This was our breakout year when Alex Mershon took the leap to become the very first employee of WeArePR Clothing. 

There was not one month in 2018 that did not have a release. We committed to monthly releases of multiple items as well as making more additions to the team.