WeArePR Clothing's Spotlight 05/28/2019

I’m in a really unique position at this point in my life. One of those unique things is just the fact that I am leading a company down a very abstract road compared to what business textbooks tell you. Another unique thing is how many amazing people I have met, on both social media as well as in person. I just get to meet a bunch of really awesome people who have amazing dreams & are making a difference in this world. Others seek us out to ask questions about their clothing line or how I handled growth in the early days.

I think a really awesome follow up series to 8 Resilient Females You Should Be Following On Instagram But Aren’t Yet would be to just shine the spotlight on a handful of brands or people.

I think five is a good middle of the road number to pick. So I’m going to do something as often as I possibly can called: Five People You Should Be Paying Attention To.

My main goal with this is going to be to shine a spotlight on supporters of the brand that I don’t feel get the recognition that they deserve. Maybe you’ll find someone with a product that can help you or maybe you’ll make a new friend. Either way, by reading this, you will be exposed to people who you might not have found otherwise.

So here are the first five people that I think are exciting and worth your attention, in no particular order:

This brand is built around two friends of mine, Emma Jake. I’ve seen a handful of brands that are based around couples that workout but this is one of my favorites. I think what I like the most is just the barebones approach they have. They don’t have a fancy gym. All of their workouts are in either their home gym or a room in their house. I see a lot of similarities with how they started & how I started WeArePR. This really comes down to finding a way instead of finding an excuse. I think so many people can relate to this. Even if someone has access to a gym, there are plenty of great takeaways that you can implement in the gym that you can pick up from these two. I give huge amounts of credit to them for staying consistent with uploads of easy to follow & replicate workouts. They have not had that breakout moment but so many people can relate to these two that I think it’s only a matter of time.

Jay Thomas
Jay has been one of the few people that have supported this line with every single release we have had since he found out about us. Every brand hopes they find someone like Jay & he’s one of the handful of names that I know I’ll see pop up on the order screen. It says a lot about him as a person. More than just purchasing from us, he posts more pictures than I can count rocking our gear. Outside of Laura & I, he might have the largest WeArePR collection! I really recommend checking him out, just a super down to earth guy. Oh he’s also a huge runner & fan of cats! While I don’t plan to start running anytime soon & I’m cool with my German Shepard, I still consider him a great friend.

Kayla Forcier
Kayla is someone that I only know through Instagram but I did get to watch her compete (never heard of her at the time though!) at the Cincinnati Women’s Pro AM. To me, as odd as it sounds, I relate to people like her quite a bit. When you have a business in an industry, like powerlifting, it’s all about being bigger/ stronger/ being better than everyone else. While all that has a time & a place, it’s really refreshing to see someone on the opposite end of that physical spectrum still running with the big dogs. It’s something that I can relate to because I see this every day from my 132lbs point of view. I’ll always be an advocate & back people like her who are pushing the boundaries for themselves. I’m just a big fan of her competitive nature, her down to earth personality, & I just think she’s a great role model in this industry. Check her out, I think you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Sara Barton
Sara is an interesting one for those who have been paying super close attention to the brand. However, no matter what happens with our business relationship, I still consider her a friend. I bit off more than I could chew when I attempted to expand the brand at the beginning of 2019. Sara is someone that I know understands the struggles & hard decisions that come with operating a family business. Sara & her family own/ operate a pretty substantial brand. Maybe you’ve heard of them... Heck if you’ve been in the gym for more than 30 seconds you’ve probably used one of their attachments. Their company is Maximum Advantage Grip, or MAG for short. I have nothing but respect for her & her family as well as the business. I truly believe that their product will have another breakout year in the near future just like they did a few years ago. She’s just a good person with a good heart & I really want you to swing by her page.

Andrew Zaleski
Andrew, or Z as I call him, is a dear friend of mine. In fact, I moved into his room in college when he left ISU. While I’ve got way too many college stories to tell about Z & I, maybe another time, I want to focus on what he has done these past few years since graduating. I’m a big advocate of pursing your passion & when I think about this, he is one of the first people to come to mind. He took a massive risk by moving out to California to chase his dream of coaching soccer. He’s gone on to do that & much more with his company Dynamic Soccer Coaching. He’s really someone who is walking the walk & not just posting about how hard he’s working or how much he hustles. If you’re in California & in the soccer scene, you need to look him up. I hope his story inspires someone else to take that leap of faith & just double down on what they are truly passionate about.

So that’s it! That’s my first list of five. I hope to be doing this more often. I’m curious, though, for you to leave a comment here or on Instagram and let me know how many of these people you’ve heard of before. Can’t wait to see how many of you have never heard of any of these amazing people!

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