The Warrior Mindset

For years now, we’ve all been lied to. There’s a word floating around in all languages that we need to get rid of. To rid this planet of this word, we must first erase it from our minds. That word is “perfection.”

Perfection.... is a lie. Perfection does not exist.  

As we all pursue our goals in this life we create this image in our head of the perfect time, the perfect scenario, the perfect opportunity. None of these exist. We cannot expect our goals to set themselves up in our comfort zones. It’s our job to hunt these goals in their own terrain.

We must adapt.

As Bruce Lee once said, “Be water my friend.”
When you pour water into an object, it becomes the object. Water can flow and it can crash. Water can give life and take it away. We must be like water and adapt.

During times of pressure, we must approach with confidence knowing where our strengths lie. In times of great pressure, greatness is born. Apply extreme pressure to carbon and diamonds are formed. When this pressure subsides, you are the diamond. You are that greatness.

In order to achieve greatness, we must be willing to throw all that we have, and all that we are, at it.

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