Make Dreams Reality - Jessie Brewer

            If I was to count down from five and snap my fingers, then you awake to find your entire conceivable life was just a dream, what would you do? What would you ask?  Most would come to the realization that they had spent some time in a reality where all things are possible and could have done much more with their lives.  Well, great news. All things are possible.

            Impossible means it just hasn’t been done yet. It was impossible to sail around the world, it was impossible to travel through the air, it was impossible to put a man on the moon. In the lifting community alone these “impossible” feats are being accomplished every day, 1000lb squats, 1000lb deadlifts, 700lb benches.  So if these things can be accomplished, then what is holding us back?  Nothing, nothing but our own minds and limitations we have set upon ourselves.

            We alone are responsible for making our dreams a reality.  There will be obstacles, losses, and hard work involved, but that’s just life.  We as humans need to realize that we have no idea what our potential is or what exactly we are capable of. Therefore we must exhaust all resources in pursuit of our passions.  The limit does not exit.  All markers and impossibilities are simply fabrications designed to create a standard in order to quantify all other efforts.  Therefore the level of impossibility is simply just what we have deemed a satisfactory limitation, one with potential to be stretched as far as imaginable.

            In closing, there is nothing holding any of us back, except our own minds filled with fear and doubt.  Today, right now, stop believing in impossibilities and start believing in growth and opportunity. Embrace life, pursue passion, and make dreams reality.

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