Hey everyone! I really wanted to make this video. I have always pushed going the extra mile & I built this entire line off of that concept. Every single one of you who have purchased with us has received a special thank you note! (You’ll get a note today if you buy something;)). But today, I wanted to make this a little more real for you & challenge you to do more.

It doesn’t take much to notice this world is full of people pushing their own agenda. However, I want to change that one person at a time. So I titled this video, do more on November 2nd. People are always watching you, even when you think they aren’t. With social media, everyone sees what you project, but today I want you to do something a little extra.

Do something nice for someone that you typically wouldn’t! For me, it was as simple as buying Laura some flowers just because it was a Monday. I stopped at Wal-Mart on my way home & spent $6.99. Laura was extremely happy to receive these just because it was something a little out of the ordinary & she wasn’t expecting them. This is what I want people to do. I want them to go out of their way to do something special for either a stranger or someone they know. This is where people get very confused. By being part of this brand, you have signed up to be part of something more.

No more sitting idle, it’s time to take action.

This is key because people are always watching & this challenge will force you to lead by example. When you do something special & it makes someone’s day for no apparent reason, that feeling of happiness is contagious. So let’s bring this full circle for my business friends reading this. Brands can do this same thing as well for their supporters.

So here is an example of a brand executing on this challenge:

  1. A brand sees a customer place an order. They take special note of the name & address.
  2. The item the person purchased is shipped out. However before the package is fulfilled, the person packing orders writes a note. But writing just “thank you” on the packing slip isn’t enough. You’ve got to go the extra mile by going to that persons Instagram & seeing what they’re into. Now your note is going to hit home just that much harder when you write a note about their last max effort lower day. Do that exact same thing for 10 other customers & watch the excitement roll in when they receive their order. There is no negative ROI except the three minutes of labor it took someone to write the letter. Go above & beyond by doing more on December 11th!

Don’t sit this challenge out.

 PS – I intentionally gave you 24 hours to give you guys and gals enough time to brainstorm some ideas for tomorrow!


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