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Just the other day I was talking about The Mission Of WeArePR Clothing and that focused on just the clothing line. Today I am breaking down what it looks like from a business standpoint for WeArePR as a whole, not just the clothing line, but potentially scaling the brand… definitely a little more business orientated than I have posted in the past.


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  • Deerborn

    Dear Sir

    We are very pleased to inform you. We are manufacturer of gym, fitness, weightlifting bodybuilding, power lifting, compression wear volleyball wear, Netball wear, protective wear & legging. We have complete in house arrangements to develop customer’s customized design. May please send us value able comments.

    May please advise us next course of action.

    Thank you and look forward your positive response

    Best Regards

    Saad Khan


    Deerborn Industries


    Mobile: +923006151416

    Whatsapp: +923042249989

    Instagram: @deerbornfitness

  • Angie fonner

    You all are amazing people with great attitudes. Everything you represent shows in your clothing and your actions. The team is great. We love you all❤️

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