A Balancing Act...

Is this my dream? Not really.

Is this what I thought our lives would revolve so much around? Not for a moment.

Are there times I want it all to stop? There sure are.

Would I take it all away and wish none of it had ever happened? Never. 

A little about me, I’m not a planner. I couldn’t tell you where I want to be in 5 years, how many kids I want to have or where my ideal vacation would be. I don’t have clear-cut goals and the things I have accomplished throughout my own life were often resulting from me being impulsive or stubborn to prove that I could do something to myself. Photography, I still consider myself a rookie (especially in Photoshop). Physique show, I’ll never do one again. Running, I still consider myself a runner, although not an avid one. Powerlifting, while I don’t know if I’ll ever compete in a meet I do enjoy lifting weights. Quite often I would pay for something so far in advance I felt obligated to see it through or I’d have wasted my own money. That was a huge motivator for me. What motivates me now? I’m not even sure I know.

I’m not going to say I’m always engaged with WeArePR, because truly I am not. There are a lot of times that Alex is head down, miles away in the weeds of content, ad’s, designs and comments, and I’m wishing he would stop a second and say, “let’s go do something”. This is also not to say I don’t help out, I would just prefer to help out behind the scenes.

While not always gung-ho WeArePR work 24/7, I’m happy to pitch in, help with content creation, design work, website updates, etc., but this is also why life is a balancing act.  Sometimes when Alex has 7,359 things he wants to get accomplished and he is getting overwhelmed I have to step in, take an objective stance and say, “What NEEDS to be done? What can I do for you? How can I help, or do you need to take a minute and step away?”  Sometimes I think that’s of more help than being in the weeds right beside him.  I need to be able to stay objective for both of us.

During his meet prep this year we’ve mentioned a few times how different it is from last year. With me staying home, I am able to help him manage his nutrition better. While I’m not working on WeArePR to the same capacity that he was or would be, I’m still able to help out. Things are more balanced, they could be better, but it’s all steps in the right direction.

All of this is the reality of having a relationship where we are looking out for each other. We have hard talks where we don’t always agree on things and acknowledge our fears out loud, but that keeps us honest with each other. We try to push each other, but we are also constantly learning about how each other views wins and losses in our own categories.

So here we go, moving forward together attempting to balance each other and help each other any way we can.


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