Little follow up action to my first article I wrote, but this one is specifically aimed at the females who are crushing it that I did not mention in the 10 people you should be following on Instagram but aren’t yet article. Who did I miss? Let me know in the comments below!

Melissa Matthews (@bandwagon.bands) is one of the only people who have done a collaboration with our line. Melissa & her husband run an amazing company that I see so many parallels between ours. I had the pleasure of teaming up with them after my sister-in-law tipped us off. She has drive, passion, & truly believes in giving more than she takes. Like I said earlier, I just agree with so many things that they are doing with Bandwagon Bands. They are a smaller brand (just like us) that is going down the road of hand making custom cut & sew headbands. I have enormous confidence that Bandwagon Bands will be a much larger brand over the course of the next 10-15 years & I am so excited to see them excel.

Alexa Chevelle Fonner (@alexachevelle) was the very first female that became part of WeArePR. She has an enormous heart. She has given way more into this dream of ours than I ever expected anyone to ever do. More than that, she has been a great friend to both Laura & I. I think she’s the perfect person that brings so much positivity to the table. I think if you need more of this in your feed, she’s a no brainer. I’m just a massive fan of everything she stands for.

Michelle Quinones (@chelley.lifts) is probably one you’ve never heard of. She’s freaking hilarious. She’s a perfect reminder of how to not take life too seriously. From the moment she popped up on my radar on the gram, I have been impressed. I truly believe she is just on the cusp of really exploding into this industry. I think she’s extremely worthwhile to follow, especially if you are into animals + lifting. Her captions will for sure make you smile, just wish she posted more ;).

Adrian Smitley (@ahowkinson) is another goofy one through & through. I’ve know Adrian for a few years now & it is perfect that she ended up marrying Brandon Smiley from the other list! They have collectively created something special with THIRST. I give Adrian a pretty hard time every time I see her, but she really is a dear friend of mine. I also have tremendous respect for her as a friend & a wife. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scene when you & your significant other are building something special from the ground up. I know because I see Laura go through this every day. It’s not easy (both physically & mentally at times), but she is doing an amazing job & I have nothing but respect for her, 100% worth the follow.

Victoria Ann (@tortor_35) Another one on the list that you shouldn’t sleep on. Victoria or TorTor as I refer to her in person IS A BEAST. She’s been a big believer & supporter of the brand for a long time now. On top of just being a great human being, she is stupid strong. While I have never met her in person, even from a far you can tell she’s a rad human. I’m really excited to see what she is able to do both inside the gym & outside those four walls. I think she’s going to be a name that pops up in the near future & I just want you all to know that I believe in what she’s doing.

Kayla Welch (@welch_kayla) is another midget female on this list that is stupid strong! When we first interacted, it was through Instagram & she was training in Florida at Orlando Barbell. However when they moved back up to the Indiana area, they started training at THIRST. When I met her in person, everything clicked. She reminded me a lot of Alexa & I knew right there that she was someone I wanted to keep in our circle from both a personal standpoint as well as a business. She is an incredible human, and is completely worth following.

Julia Anto (@julia.ant_toe) is the person that I have been watching from a far for quite some time. I was first turned onto her during one of THIRST’s early days when there were only a handful of us that trained out of Brandon’s garage gym. The reason why she is on this list is directly tied to the amount that she gives back. She gives back not only from a powerlifting & training aspect (however she gives sooooo much information here), but also from a life/ personal standpoint. She’s probably one of the larger names on this list but I still don’t think she gets enough credit. I’m excited to see what the next 5-10 years have in store for her & her family. She’s definitely the kind of female that you need to see in your feed.

Becca Nunns (@beccanunns) Like caffeine, motivation, pancakes (alllll the pancakes), & training? Becca has you covered on every single base! I think she’s extremely valuable to follow on Instagram because she doesn’t post something that isn’t thoughtful & deliberate. I respect her tremendously for her daily reminders & I think people should pay attention to what she has to say.

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