Instagram has been my main focus for the better part of 24 months now. I’ve come across some really amazing people & brands that give so much. However, for whatever reason they don’t have the exposure that I feel they deserve.

That changes now because I want you all to know about these amazing people. I think one of the things that really separates us from the other clothing lines is the value we bring. There are brands on this list that could be seen as “competitors” of ours. I just truly think they are crushing it & deserve some props.

This list is made up of people who bring tremendous value & have smaller followings, most are under 100k. Here are the 10 people you need to follow ASAP! 

Brandon Smitley (@bsmitley) is the CEO of  THIRST Gym(Terre Haute Intensity Resistance & Sports Training) How could the guy that got me truly into this industry not be number one? Brandon is a good friend and a huge Eagles fan, but most of all is a head-down executor, and someone that I think really, really has a bright future ahead of him. If you’re into powerlifting, or EliteFTS, he’s a must follow.

Gary Vaynerchuck (@garyvee) is the head of operations at VayenerX. VaynerX is a holding company for all of Gary’s madness & value that is brought from VaynerMedia, PureWOW, & 137PM. I’ve tried to work for this man because of the value that he brings to the table for free. I think most people already know who he is, but if you have any interest in getting into the business world this is a must follow.

Rob Bailey(@killrobbailey) is probably the most ridiculous person on this list. Rob is someone that I do not really agree with on everything, but he is an incredible example of what the word “work” means. Over the years I have seen Rob continue to grow as an entrepreneur and as a designer. I think he’s got so much raw talent that I felt like I had to put him on this list. If in your face no BS motivation & being real in life is what you are looking for, Rob is a must follow.
Dave Tate(@underthebar) is one of the people on this list that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Dave’s company, EliteFTS, has been my go to for powerlifting information & equipment. Keep an eye out for his Saturday Q&A sessions where he answers everything. I think he’s a great follow and someone who is in the strength space.

Stacy Burr (@bamaburr) is somebody that I just got to watch compete at the Arnold. She’s an amazing woman who has accomplished so much in this powerlifting industry. I meet & see hundreds of people in this space on Instagram & in real life. Stacy blew me away with how down to earth she is in person, something that really stands out in this industry.

Dustin Craigo (@midwestspidey)is my adopted team dad/ uncle. He’s one of the hardest working people at his craft that I have ever met. This dude was also one of the first people that I shared the platform with when I decided to compete. I ultimately won the 148 class in that meet (he may have blow his leg into pieces & I was the only 148’er left…). If you have any desire to compete at a high level or just be a good human, this man is worth the follow.

Westside Barbell (@westsidebarbellofficial) is a love or hate for most people. It’s a love on my list. You cannot deny the amount of world records across different sports, athletes, & federations that this gym holds. More than that, the amount of free workouts they post is something you don’t see by many elite level facilities. Be cautioned though, they can get a little right hook sales happy at times but the value they bring can’t be beat.
One37pm(@one37pm) is massively underrated. Period. End of story. This is my go to page for all things culture. One37 is here to stay. This is the brain child of someone earlier on this list. I believe in anything GaryVee touches tremendously. This page brings nothing but value, there are no right hooks for sales, only value. I’m a fan of the mix of culture, business, & the interviews. If you want to stay on top of things both culturally & marketing wise, One37pm is a must.
Jessie Brewer (@brewtstrength) one of the more emotional adds to this list. Jessie was the first guy that I brought onto the WeArePR team. Without this support I doubt I would be in this position right now. I have enormous love for him. I have nothing but respect for him and if you’re into the gym, guns, or food, he’s your guy. Super underrated person in my book & I think he serves as a perfect example of what it means to truly just enjoy life. I am a big fan. Also, make sure you click the link in his bio. It’s to WeArePRClothing. It’s a pretty dope site. 
Elyse Lovelace (@je_lovelace). Elyse is one of the raddest chicks I have ever met & is a much better writer than I am. There’s a reason why I run ads on her articles & not mine. If you’re needing some more goofy elite level athletes in your live, Elyse is your girl. Elyse is part of our team & a huge contributor this blog. She also has a pretty awesome doggo, Norah. I’m just an enormous fan of her, and I highly recommend the follow.

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