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Would you ever purchase a Ferrari and never have the oil changed? Probably not because A. You most likely can’t afford one and B. You’re unreliable so you want a car to reflect that: a Ford. Actually the answer is no, because you’d want it to perform the way it’s designed to perform. It’s the same thing when it comes to recovering from training.  You spend around 80 or so bucks to register for the meet, maybe 200-300 for travel expenses, around 350 or so for 4 months of coaching for your prep, gym membership for 70 a month, nutrition...

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I assume when you read this title you immediately thought of yourself in regards to physical, brute strength. So, when you walk into a powerlifting meet, either as a spectator or a competitor you most likely are looking around the room trying to find the “strongest” mother fluffer out there right? You do this in the physical sense by how someone looks or even the weight they are warming up with. I’ll tell you this, you can be physically the strongest person in the room, but still have the weakest mindset or emotional health. And those things will catch up...

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Me to Julia Anto: “What’s that word… where it doesn’t seem real?”Julia: *stares*Me: *stares*Julia and me at the same time: “Surreal.” Surreal. That is how it felt the entire weekend at Laura Phelps’ Cincinnati women’s pro/am. I am going to do my best to describe this weekend in its entirety. Walking in to weigh in at Sweatt Shop personal training and I run into my “insta friend” Jess Bowersock. We finally get to meet in person and she is just as cool as her Instagram feed. Standing in line for weigh ins and boom. There’s the tiny strong ass Stacia-Al Mahoe whipping her...

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